British Red Cross Roads:

1 day a year shopping bags throughout Oxford Circus are red, the 5p is donated.

Stella Sisters: Making pints more acceptable for women to drink.

Bring Nokia back from the dead: How to gain a piece of the market with their new smartphones.

Brief: Make a Fruit Famous - While it is very hard to get your own Snapchat's onto the London Story, the oranges made it; gaining over 70k views from Primrose Hill.

A shopping comparison written piece for the Waitrose weekly paper.

Advertise Milky Bar to adults - JWT Brief:

We are the ones who remember the geeky milky bar kid from our childhoods. Well now he is

all grown up, a hunk and still the top lad he used to be, bringing all the chocolate to the yard.

Yada events app - Internship:

Creative content from various events for online marketing purposes and website re-design.

Ambient Golf Balls - ejected from driving range ball dispensers

to advertise Post Office golf insurance.

©  Michael Henry Woods & Emily Rose Halladay