About ME
Michael's a guy who brought a duck into uni &
Emily's a gal who acted out as an abused human on the streets of London.
Graduated last year from Central Saint Martins Advertising class.
Eager beavers to find our place within an ad agency.

Currently quirking minds at Recipe London.
"Best placement team of the past year and a bit" at St Luke's London.
Previously Emily had a placement at TBWA,
while Michael was at Antidote and BBH afterwards.

Internship together at Expede IT for start-up events app YADA. 
Had fun marketing at freshers events up the country and creating content for social from various events. 
The VFest video racked up over 60k views:
Stuff We're Proud Of

Pitch Win - Contributed ideas at Recipe for Aussie hair care
YCN Student Award 2018 Winner - Fuller's Frontier Craft Beer Brief
YCN Student Award 2018 Winner - Action On Hearing Loss Brief
Shot footage for the world's first 360° music video: Sigma - Nightingale
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