About ME
Michael's a guy who brought a duck into uni &
Emily's a gal who acted out as an abused human on the streets of London.
Graduated last year from Central Saint Martins Advertising class.
Eager beavers to find our place within a London ad agency.

Currently quirking minds at Wunderman, or should we say Wunderman Thompson ;)
Endured the summer heat, when at Recipe London.
"Best placement team of the past year and a bit" at St Luke's London.
Previously Emily had a placement at TBWA,
while Michael was at Antidote and BBH afterwards.

Internship together at Expede IT for start-up events app YADA. 
Had fun marketing at freshers events up the country and creating content for social from various events. 
The VFest video racked up over 60k views:
Stuff We're Proud Of

Pitch Win - Contributed ideas at Recipe for Aussie hair care
YCN Student Award 2018 Winner - Fuller's Frontier Craft Beer Brief
YCN Student Award 2018 Winner - Action On Hearing Loss Brief
Shot footage for the world's first 360° music video: Sigma - Nightingale
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